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“Richard Zampella” – Managing Partner TransMultimedia Inc. | New York City

Richard Zampella is the managing partner of TransMultimedia Inc. based n New York City.
He has designed hundreds of websites in all fields including Entertainment, Food Service, Legal, and Small Businesses.

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“Richard Zampella”

Richard Zampella Website Review

Richard Zampella
Doc Scantlin’s Website Review

Well it’s about time …

The world received a unique and whimsically fun Christmas present this year: the newly revamped and remarkably hip new Doc Scantlin and His Imperial Palms Orchestra website! This is more than just a long-overdue celebration of what Forbes magazine calls the “world’s best band”, it’s filled with little surprises – such as the old timey radio featuring a bunch of Doc’s classic hits that – believe or not – have never been available before in any form of any kind, YouTube-ish or otherwise.

If you who is reading this are a living breathing entity who has any interest in living your life in an entertaining manner, then stop wasting any more time and check this out immediately, it’s a historic milestone of 21st century proportions.

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Richard Zampella Website Design | Sergeant York: Of God and Country Documentary

Richard Zampella Website Design
TransMultimedia, New York City

Richard Zampella website design for the documentary Sergeant York: Of God and Country

Narrated by Liam Neeson

Richard Zampella Website Design

Richard Zampella Website Design Sergeant York: Of God and Country

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Sergeant York: Of God and Country
Narrated by: Liam Neeson
Written & Directed by: John Mulholland
Produced by: Richard Zampella
On Camera Participants: Maria Cooper, Joan Leslie, June Lockhart, Michael Birdwell, M.Z. Ribalow, and Film Historian Robert Osborne.

The Documentary Sergeant York: Of God and Country runs 38 minutes and 55 seconds as it mixes movie clips, archival materials, and interviews. The doc chonicles how Alvin York’s story was brought to the screen; and explores York’s restrictions and requirements. The film follows casting decisions, war-related issues of the era and script development, performances, characters, shooting topics and production problems. Watch the story behind Gary Cooper’s Academy Award winning role.

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“Richard Zampella”

Richard Zampella | Long Island Website Design

Richard Zampella Website Design

“Richard Zampella”